I, Earth

I'm so cold, so lonely
green specks of salt
far, far away... spinning
perpetual dread of falling
I never do.

Only my little white dog
for company, prancing
endless rings about me
always face turned
towards me, happy
unlike his master.

I'm the third
in a family of nine
but my siblings
they never write... nor speak
nor break this torment
of silent passage
(little brother, I weep for you).

Writhing maggots on my
living skin... digging
my once healthy  body
putrefying, shaved, scarred
sores crusted with pus
erupting worms, tumours.

Help me Mother!
...but you cannot
I'm beyond reach
on my own now.
All I have is the fire
you gave me, I
hold like a dream
warming my heart, where
the maggots can't reach.

- Copyright © Sandaruwan Madduma Bandara
Written for poetry seminar
Franklin & Marshall College, 1994
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About Unknown

Sandaruwan Madduma Bandara is the CEO of 3CS (www.3cs.lk), Sri Lanka's Premier web design company. He has a range of interests including creative writing, photography, art and travel. He is also a voracious reader.
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