I can be a lion, I can be the very fount of courage
yet be a coward in comparison

I can be the most powerful man on earth
yet to one I am but servant

I can be the steel upon which all men cling
yet be a puny creeper upon one

I can look down upon the gods
yet be beneath a single star

I can etch the noblest deeds in stone
and be a knight in all eyes but mine

I can flame with the light of glory
without one I shiver in the cold of night

The greatest armies can die for me
but this lonely soldier fights for one

I can forge the destiny of millions
and yet be shaped in another's hands

Before the greatest challenge I proudly stand
yet before one I humbly kneel

I can look all evil in the eye and not quail
yet be lost without a single smile

I can carry the nation's burden
yet not carry the greatest weight

I can hide all things from all men
but from one not hide the slightest trait

All hearts may weep before me
but the tears of mine only flow to one

Let all men stand by me
I stand alone, if she does not.
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Sandaruwan Madduma Bandara is the CEO of 3CS (, Sri Lanka's Premier web design company. He has a range of interests including creative writing, photography, art and travel. He is also a voracious reader.
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